Why Basestation are Passionate About UI/UX Web Design and What is it Anyway?

When is a website not a website? When its purpose is not just to display content on a screen but to become a living, breathing component of daily life – so much so in fact, that you’ll almost welcome it as part of the family. 

The bland website we know all too well is as extinct as a Commodore 64 and much less engaging. Goodbye bland; hello UI and UX websites. UI and UX are still the secretive buzzwords of many web designers but a UI/UX website, when compared to a standard ‘off the peg’ template design, is like comparing the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel to a painting by numbers. So what is UI and UX and why are the guys at Basestation so passionate about them?

UI, or User Interface is the ease by which the end user can navigate around the site. Many website designers still make the fatal mistake of pouring all their blood, sweat and tears into creating a website which is so stunningly beautiful yet so complex to walk-through that they’ve missed the point entirely. The purpose of UI is to help the user accomplish the task they want to complete on the website quickly, easily and more importantly seamlessly. The process should be natural and intuitive and is especially relevant to mobile enabled websites and applications. 76% of adults in the UK now own a smartphone and over 60% of websites are viewed on a handheld device which presents a B2C business with a real opportunity to reach consumers while they’re on the move. The opportunity however, also presents the challenge because people on the move are busy – they don’t have time to try and work out how to navigate your website and if it isn’t user friendly you’ve lost them. This brings us nicely on to UX.

UX or User Experience describes the amount of spade-work the designers have done to understand the user. UX is important because people are important and this goes far beyond simply making something look pretty. At Basestation, the UX service we provide includes accessibility, usability and interaction. In other words, we ensure that we can offer a good user experience that suits anyone with a visual impairment, a smart-watch or surfing on 3G data.

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