The world of digital design and web technology is changing at a rapid pace. Organisations need to adapt accordingly which means being fluid and nimble. It also means implementing a Decision Making Process which is considered but swift.

It’s not fun to see the competition making strides and taking advantage of quick opportunities while we miss the boat and mumble the inevitable words ‘I wish we’d done that.’ To help you keep up to date with current, and more importantly, future trends along with news on the changing face of digital strategy, UI/UX Web Design, Social Media, SEO and Brand Development, including insight from the greatest minds in the industry, check out our regular Basestation Update.  

Should you migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8?

If you currently run Drupal 7 to power your website then you need to consider upgrading to Drupal 8 in the near future.


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Why Basestation are Passionate About UI/UX Web Design and What is it Anyway?

When is a website not a website? When its purpose is not just to display content on a screen but to become a living, breathing component of daily life – so much so in fact, that you’ll almost welcome it as part of the family. 

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6 Jargon-Free tips for your company’s digital website strategy in 2016

There’s a lot of jargon on the web – you may have noticed; especially when it comes to digital design. Acres of space is taken up by bloggers keen to keep the mystery or smoke & mirrors surrounding website design intact. We don’t do jargon at Basestation because it’s important for our clients to understand, in layman’s terms, the benefits of the changing face of the digital world. Here therefore, are 6 jargon-free tips to help your digital marketing strategy for 2016. 

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Basestation set for Strong Growth Through Repositioning as Full-Service Digital and Brand Experts

Digital design company Basestation, has been around for a while – over 13 years in fact; a long time in digital years. However, the company, although well-established with a highly successful track record and an enviable client base, is really only getting started. 

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