• Digital brand engagement

    Website Design and Content Management to
    Connect you to the Wider World

  • Digital brand engagement

    Website Design and Content Management to
    Connect you to the Wider World

  • Digital brand engagement

    Website Design and Content Management to
    Connect you to the Wider World

  • Digital brand engagement

    Website Design and Content Management to
    Connect you to the Wider World

Driving success through strategic thinking and creative design

Successfully engaging with your audience doesn’t happen by accident. It’s driven by strategic thinking aligned to great content and creative design.

At Basestation we make your business our business. By thoroughly understanding your company’s goals and aspirations we will custom-design the most effective digital strategy to drive your brand message and build your customer base. Website design, mobile marketing, social media and SEO are just a few of the tools in our kit. Let us choose the right ones for you.

Recent Projects


NESCol – North East Scotland College is the single largest provider of vocational education and training in the North East of Scotland.


Fortissimo is a £21m collaborative project involving 120 European partner organisations.

Whisky Auctioneer

Whisky Auctioneer is an online business launched in Scotland and dedicated to the valuation and auctioning of rare whiskies.

Whisky Auctioneer Website

Moredun Group

The Moredun Group is a collective name for four collaborative organisations at the forefront of research into diseases which can affect the health

About Basestation

For the past 13 years the team at Basestation have been developing digital creative solutions to drive results for companies across a wide range of industry sectors from banking & finance, sports & leisure and education.

It’s true that we may engage with computers all day and get really excited about web design, SEO results and content management systems such as Drupal & Wordpress, but it’s not because we’re in any way odd or computer geeks. It’s because we know what this can do for your business.


We also know that you don’t need to try and understand any of the technical stuff which is why our job is to explain in simple, jargon-free language how we will create the right digital marketing solution to drive your brand message to the right people, at the right time, in the right place no matter where they are – and then deliver the results you’re looking for. So as much as we’re passionate about what we do, we’re real people living in the real world. We’re easy to deal with and provide a cost efficient extension to your business to help your company reach its goals.

Our Skills

Website Development

At Basestation we don’t just build websites; we create websites - portals through which a company like yours can engage with their desired audience. We will place your brand into the palm of their hands or onto their desktop with the right call to action whether you’re looking to sell your products directly to them there and then, or simply provide information.

Content Management Systems

With content management systems, including Drupal and Wordpress Basestation can provide the tools you need to simply and quickly update pages on your website and add new ones so you can ensure you stay up to date and in control.

Search Engine Optimisation

In this age of information overload your company has to find a way to rise above the crowd and get noticed. Appearing as near as possible to the top of the first page on search engines such as Google can boost visitors to a website and increase revenues. Basestation will optimise your website to lift your search engine positioning.

Responsive Website Design

We live in a multi-screen world with consumers accessing two or more devices which requires responsive website design, including desktops, tablets and smartphones, at the same time. Don't miss out on a huge segment of web access by allowing your website to underperform. We can help your website deliver the results you need, on all devices.


Building an identity for your business is vital to its success – Basestation will guide you in forming an instantly recognisable brand with logo and graphic design as part of an integrated campaign to raise awareness.