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The Brief

Fife College offers a range of courses specific to various industries from public and private-sector care to sales, marketing and project management. The brief required a website that was modern, visually appealing, simple to navigate and would allow the user to find the right course information as quickly as possible.

Our Response

The resulting website proves that design isn’t all about ultra-clever imagery and graphics. It’s important to bear the UX…or user-experience, in mind at all times. Simplicity is therefore very often the key to success. However, achieving simplicity which still delivers the brief needs thought, careful planning and the right execution. The finished website for Fife College only has four main pages accessed through the menu bar at the top of the homepage. Three of the pages however – Courses, About Us and Find Us – lead to various relevant sub-pages which enrich the user journey, while keeping simplicity front of mind.

The homepage itself, is so compact and well-designed that it allows the user quick and easy access to every course through a choice of four different pathways. The first is by clicking on the course page on the menu bar. The second pathway is found via user-friendly signposts mid-way down the homepage. The third route is a search bar placed both at the top of the homepage and directly under the carousel images. The fourth pathway is an A-Z course search further down the homepage.

The homepage carousel images provide an opportunity for Fife College to promote further information, offers or courses. The compact design of the homepage ensures that nothing is left to chance while being modern and visually appealing.

The client is not only delighted with the new website, they have also seen a significant increase in traffic as a result.

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