• Moredun Group

    The Moredun Group is a collective name for four collaborative organisations at the forefront of research into diseases which can affect the health and welfare of livestock.

    · The Moredun Foundation is a registered charity supporting livestock health and welfare through research and education. The Foundation governs the work of the Moredun group.

    · Moredun Research Institute conducts world-class scientific research to improve livestock health and welfare through the prevention and control of infectious diseases.

    · Moredun Scientific. The commercial arm of the Moredun group, Moredun Scientific is a contract research organisation specialising in animal health and biosafety testing of biopharmaceuticals enabling companies to develop, register and commercialise their products.

    · Pentlands Science Park (PSP). The home of the Moredun Group and over 20 commercial companies. PSP provides property and management services including conference facilities.

    The Moredun Group also relies on members whose subscriptions help them to carry out heir education and outreach programmes.

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The Brief

A new website design and build would need to take into account the many and varied facets of the Moredun Group. Because of this it was decided to create two separate websites; one for the group and the four sub-organisations, and the other for memberships. Each site would contain a link to the other. The Moredun Group website would be content rich and the Member Portal would include an online shop and a page for donations.

Our Response

The Moredun Group Website

The Moredun Group website is content-rich, yet designed with the UX (User Experience) in mind. The homepage is the key to the entire website and is designed to give the user as much direction as possible on where to find the pages of most interest to them. There is a an easy-to-navigate menu bar at the top and a sub-menu bar under the main image which takes the user to each of the four organisations: Moredun Foundation, Moredun Research Institute, Commercial (Moredun Scientific), and PSP (Pentland Science Park). Each of the four headings in the homepage sub-menu also has several to help the user navigate through the website as simply as possible.

The entire website is engaging and content-rich. It includes documents in PDF format, links to on-screen newsletters and magazines, as well as external links to take the user to scientific papers.

Moredun Member Portal

The Moredun Member Portal homepage contains a log-in field for members and a simple menu bar at the top to take the user to the membership page. There is also a shop with an online shopping cart and a donations page for people who simply want to support the work of the Moredun Group.

Both websites are fine examples a company which has multiple facets and messages to deliver, while offering memberships and an e-commerce side to the operation.

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