• Museum On The Mound

    Housed in the historic Bank of Scotland Head Office, the Museum On The Mound gives a fascinating insight into the economics of Scotland’s capital city in a fun and educational way. The exhibits are interactive, engaging and cover a wide range of topics associated with money, such as coinage, trade and crime. Once inside, visitors are impressed with what the museum has to offer which has made it one of Edinburgh’s top tourist attractions. The challenge lies in attracting them through the doors in the first place, which is the purpose of their website.  

The Brief

The aim of the website is to inform an audience of varying age groups and demographic backgrounds to entice them to visit the Museum. The target audience therefore includes visitors to Edinburgh, local people interested in their city’s economic heritage and teachers looking for fun and engaging topics which fit with the Curriculum for Excellence.

The subject matter could also, at first glance, be viewed as relatively ‘stuffy’ and of limited appeal, so the website would need to convey that the topic, with all its different facets – from the history of the bank building, to the various types of currency used throughout the ages to modern technology, is in fact fascinating and should appeal to all.

Our Response

Our client’s website has been carefully designed to deliver mass appeal without dumbing down the subject matter. The site is laid out in a carefully designed structure to convey the type of corporate order associated with banking and economics. There’s a place for everything and everything in its place which makes it easy to navigate. Viewers are handed the most important information, such as opening hours and the address, on a prominent position on the home page, rather than in a footer or on the Contact page. Display boxes with links are laid out further down on the home page, in bright colours - a direct contrast to the background grey, and the menu at the top of the home page is of the classic style when shown on a desktop or laptop, but when viewed on tablet or mobile converts to a hamburger style for usability.

The Displays page shows a numbered plan of the building with a scroll-down list of what can be found in each room along with relevant pictures. This means that visitors can head to the exhibits of most interest to them.

The schools page is also quick and easy to navigate so that teachers can find downloadable PDF’s of topics they may wish to include in classrooms lessons combined with a visit to the museum.

In summary, Basestation has delivered a website to match the brief and our client is delighted.

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