• Novosang

    Novosang is a multi-disciplinary team tackling the growing problems associated with blood transfusion such as the lack of availability of donor blood and the risk of infected blood. The team has developed a process to produce red blood cells in the laboratory without the need for donors.  Basestation is proud to have been invited to create Novosang’s website to help the team continue to secure the investment needed to develop this potentially life-saving advancement.    

The Brief

Develop a site that holds all stakeholders interests in one place. It must appeal to governments and investors to encourage ongoing funding for continued research into Novosang’s groundbreaking work.

The Result

A visually impactful website which reflects the clinical nature of the company product. Information is laid out clearly and it has an extremely high level of functionality and usability. 

This website has been decomissioned and is no longer available to view.

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