• Our power

    Our Power is a not-for-profit energy supplier based in Scotland. The company offer cheaper tariffs than many competitors and fair pricing while offering low-cost, environmentally sustainable gas and electricity.

The Brief

Our Power’s website has been live since 2016 when the company launched. Since then, more functionality has been added including a members’ portal for Registered Social Landlords (RSL) in Scotland. The aim of the portal is to create a system through which all social housing stock across the country is logged and Our Power notified when a property is vacated. This cuts down on admin and running costs to allow Our Power to pass savings on to the customer by keeping their tariffs as low as possible.

The brief for the next - and possibly the most exciting phase for Our Power - was to redesign the front end of the website to make it more customer facing and to offer the user the means to receive a quote from Our Power and switch energy supplier as quickly and simply as possible.

The Result

Using an Application Programming Interphase (API), the new customer-facing homepage instantly offers an opportunity for the user to enter their postcode, click a ‘Get a Quote’ button and after answering a few simple questions receive a quote on the screen instantly without the need for a company sales representative to call. Once they see their quote for a fixed term, they can click a ‘switch supplier’ button and Our Power takes care of the rest. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes and, as a result, Our Power has seen a 100% increase in sign-ups via the website.

In addition to being quick, simple and efficient the process is in line with the company ethos which is about making energy supply fairer for everyone. The fact that there is no subsequent, high-pressure sales call puts the customer in control while reducing admin costs. This means that more profits can be reinvested to keep tariffs low.

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