• Our power - Portal

    Our Power is a new energy company based in Scotland. Its aim is to reduce fuel poverty by offering low-cost, environmentally sustainable gas and electricity

The Brief

Having already designed and built the Our Power website, Basestation were tasked with the next stage of development – to create and implement a members’ portal for all Registered Social Landlords (RSL’) in Scotland. The aim of the portal is to create a system by which all social housing stock across the country is logged. Through the portal RSL’s can notify Our Power when a property is vacated (voided) which then allows Our Power to take over the energy supply and pass the responsibility for it to the tenant rather than the landlord. The aim of the portal is to streamline and simplify processes, cut admin and running costs and allow Our Power to pass the savings to the customer by keeping their tariffs as low as possible.

The Result

This was an ambitious project which, because of its complexity, took several months to deliver. It has also been split into phases with phase 1 being delivered both on time and on budget. Phase 2 is now underway. The user interphase for the portal is simple to operate but it’s the back-end functionality which is most impressive. The portal is linked to a data management system called MECOMS™ which was designed specifically for energy and utility companies by Ferranti Computer Systems in Belgium. The whole process is effectively streamlined to deliver a better customer experience while achieving budgeted savings for Our Power. Currently there are over 140,000 social housing properties logged with the Our Power portal. This is growing every day with the figure estimated to rise to over 750,000 in the future.

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