A unique challenge requires a unique approach.

The willingness to be truly open-minded and look at things from a client’s perspective, then take the information gathered to create the perfect website and bespoke application is both an attitude and a skill few design teams possess. For over 13 years the team at Basestation have been implementing custom digital solutions for clients around the world.   

Why Bespoke?

No two companies are the same even if they do have similar product offerings. They will have unique visions & values, specific aims and goals and very probably a different target audience.

That’s why an ‘off the peg’ digital solution is very rarely the right one. Basestation will take the time to get to know your business. Once we understand how you operate and where you want to take your organisation we’ll get you there with a bespoke digital strategy and carefully tailored solutions that are generally not readily available in standard Content Management Systems.       

Bespoke Applications by Basestation

Basestation have created a number of bespoke applications for our clients.

For example we created a responsive touch-screen media player for the AG Barr museum to screen the back catalogue of Irn Bru TV and social media ads to allow more visitors to connect with the AG Barr brand. We also designed an educational and visibly engaging, historical timeline for the Lloyds Banking Group website. Then we developed and implemented a website for North East Scotland College (NESCol) with a host of applications designed separately for use by the students and staff. Three very different briefs, three very different solutions. If you want to find out more about how we can design bespoke applications for your organisation give the team at Basestation a call.