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Drupal CMS

Drupal is one of the powerful and versatile Content Management Systems (CMS) we use to build robust, customised websites for our clients. Its flexibility allows us to use the Drupal CMS as the framework for all sites ranging from simple information portals for startups to complex, feature-rich websites for large enterprises.

So what exactly is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source content management software that forms the basis for many websites you’ll use every day. Designed to be more than a CMS tool, Drupal is a powerful, all-inclusive web building platform with robust content management tools, sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing, and high-level functionality.

Strengths of using Drupal

Drupal is a modular CMS written in PHP, which enables our developers to leverage a flexible taxonomy system designed to organise complex content types and set highly customisable user permission levels.

A key benefit of using Drupal is that its enhanced testing and tracking capabilities help ensure web accessibility compliance.

Drupal applications

We mainly use Drupal for complex builds where data sets and content types are required with many connections and dependencies. Our developers can easily expand the scope of Drupal applications we build by integrating APIs. Drupal provides the perfect web application framework when designing websites for both medium and large companies.

Our Drupal projects

Here are some examples of our work in Drupal.

A membership-based auction website that requires users to register and pay for access to features of the website. The site provides e-commerce services for the valuation and auctioning of fine and rare whiskies and has achieved record breaking results.
We built Utilita a custom Voids Portal in Drupal to allow their partnered Housing Associations and local councils to switch energy supply ownership quickly and easily.
A bespoke template-based system from a single code-base to allow Citizens Advice Scotland to manage their nationwide Bureaux (CAB) sites efficiently.

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