At Basestation we offer total digital solutions for your organisation including WordPress development.

WordPress is one of the most widely used website Content Management Systems in the world today. If you currently have a website built using WordPress and are looking to have it improved to meet the demands of today’s world, or you would like us to create a WordPress website for you from the ground up why not discuss it with us?

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source Content Management System which means that it comes with the license to allow the user to change it and develop it as required without sticking to the owner company’s rigid policies.

Originally created mainly as a blogging platform, WordPress is now capable of meeting the various demands of most organisations.

WordPress Strengths

WordPress can be the ideal website CMS choice for small to medium organisations.

It comes ready equipped with a selection of themes and styles which means it can be designed and built on a budget. However, it also has a huge range of extras known as ‘plug-ins’ which can be added to develop your website as your needs change and your company grows. Many large and well-known corporations still have their websites built on WordPress.

WordPress Applications

Although originally created for blogging sites, a WordPress website has the functionality to deliver almost any application you need it to.

This is why it tends to be the choice of small local sports clubs and amateur enthusiasts at one end of the scale to major corporations such as CBS News New York at the other.

Why We Develop in WordPress

Basestation look after the digital needs of clients of all sizes and from many industry sectors. We develop in WordPress as well as Drupal to offer an alternative which is perfect for start-up businesses on a tight budget.

This is because WordPress is quicker to deploy, has ready-made themes and a variety of ‘plug-ins’ and features that get your website up and running in no time. Why not contact us to discuss your needs and find out which Content Management System is right for your business?